A simple example scene

To get your hands dirty quickly here is an example scene that will get you up and running within a minute. This example demonstrates a very reverberant hall in which a listener and sound source are placed, separated by a low wall. The sound that is emitted by the source is a short click to make the acoustical properties of the hall explicitely audible. The result that is given below features some very distinct early reflections. Over time the response of the room fades into the more gradual tail of the reverberation. A more detailed documentation for all of the features and settings is being worked on. You can download a .zip archive that contains all necessary files from github.


Convoluted wave form of the rendered result


Enabling the EAR addon in Blender The EAR render panel The properties for the mesh object The properties for the material The properties for the sound source The properties for the listener object The file dialog to store the .ear file Rendering the scene with EAR